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Advanced Rock Drum Beats (sixteenth notes)

Are you ready to learn advanced drum beats? Hopefully you have already progressed through the important bass drum and snare drum independence pages in the intermediate section. The lessons there include progressive patterns to assist with these more complex grooves.

Advanced Drum Beat #1

Even though this is an advanced lesson, we are still going to start out with a simple beat to get you up to speed. This groove should be pretty straight forward based on what you've already learned. Play it a few times through, and then move on to the next.

advanced beat 1

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Advanced Drum Beat #1

Here is where things will start to get challenging. This beat includes steady shots on the eighth note counts, but with added snare and bass drum shots on almost all the off-beats. You will likely need to practice this slowly (while counting out loud as always) when first starting off.

advanced beat 2

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Advanced Drum Beat #3

The third advanced beat includes groups of three sixteenth notes on the bass and snare drums. Now, while you have done groups of three in previous lessons, these groups are continous (no rests or gaps). The first half of the beat is sure to challenge you - while the last bit gives you a little break.

advanced beat 3

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Advanced Drum Beat #4

This beat includes some serious limb independence. This is where your patient practice through the bass drum and snare drum independence exercises really pays off. Work through this beat slowly at first. When you have it - speed it up and focus on making it groove.

advanced beat 4

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There are still more advanced drum beats in the next drum lesson, so keep going!

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