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Beginner Drum Beats (simple variations)

If you've already learned how to play drums from our first lesson, it's time to move on to more beginner drum beat variations. These grooves will enable you to progressively learn to play more complex grooves. So, grab your drum sticks and read on!

Drum Beat Variation #3

Ok, in this lesson we are going to start up where the first drum lesson finished off. This third variation combines the hi-hats, snare, and bass drum on all four quarter note shots.

beginner beat 3

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Although this may seem simple at first, don't forget to combine it with other beats for an added challenge. It is important that you not only learn to play all beats individually, but that you are also able to connect them for use with a band or playalong.

Drum Beat Variation #4

Ready to learn to play something a little different? Unlike all the previous beats that really only looped half a measure to have a steady pulse - this sound of this beat doesn't repeat until the entire measure is completed. In other words, the one and two counts no longer mirror the three and four counts.

beginner beat 4

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Give it a try and you'll see for yourself. Focus on keeping everything clean and consistent while remaining relaxed.

** TIP: By this time you may already be forming the habit of tensing up while you play a new beat. Make an effort to remain relaxed and loose as you play. When you can play a beat at a few different tempos without tensing up - you can move on to the next one. **

Drum Beat Variation #5

This fifth variation brings back the second snare shot, but puts it in a bit of an awkward place. Try this pattern, and be sure you maintain a steady count out loud.

beginner beat 5

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Focus on really feeling the one-count in your head. As you progress to more difficult beats and fills, it will be vital that you know exactly where the one-count is at all times. You may not always count everything out loud (or even in your head), but it is definately important that you keep track of each measure with the one-count.

When you are ready to learn more variations, visit the second beginner beats page. You may also be interested in checking out the beginner drum lessons on FreeDrumLessons.com. They contain video content that will make it a little easier to follow.

If you are interested in expanding your drumming horizons you may want to consider learning your drum rudiments!

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