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Review: Jared Falk's Rock Drumming System

Jared Falk is a professional drum instructor out of Vancouver, Canada. His specialty is putting together drum training products that typically include DVD and workbook materials that are designed to guide drummers with a step-by-step systematic approach.

Are his materials worth the price? Does his multi-angle video system live up to the hype, or is it just a marketing gimmick? This page is designed to examine the benefits and potential pitfalls of Jared Falk's Rock Drumming System.

Rock Drumming System - Basic Components

Let's start by reviewing the contents of Jared Falk's drum lessons pack. It can be tricky, as some of the included items are considered "limited time" bonuses. So, let's just start with the basic components of the package for now.

Rock Drumming System

First, this package includes four printed workbooks, four DVDs, and one play-along CD. The DVDs and workbooks are designed to work in parallel. In other words, there is a beginner workbook/DVD pack, an intermediate workbook/DVD pack, an advanced workbook/DVD pack, and finally a play-along workbook/DVD pack. The play-along pack also includes the audio CD (so you can take drum-less versions of the jam-tracks to your drum set on CD, or rip the songs to an iPOD).

Rock Drumming System - Bonus Content

When you purchase the Rock Drumming System, you are entitled to some free bonus items that provide additional value. These items are considered "limited-time" and may or may not still be available at the time you read this review. Check the Rock Drumming System website for the latest information.

Rock Drumming Bonuses

First, is the Free Drum Lessons pack. It includes two printed workbooks and two DVDs. The content overlaps a little with the Rock Drumming System itself, but there is still enough unique content to make it a huge value. Moreover, the segments that due overlap are still useful as they provide a second perspective on essential drumming techniques and methods. You definitely do not want to miss out on this bonus item, if you have already chosen to buy the Rock Drumming System.

Next up is the Drum Kit Lessons eBook. Unlike the four Rock Drumming System workbooks and the two Free Drum Lessons workbooks - this item is not "printed". It is in a digital format known as PDF, which can be viewed and printed with any PC or Mac computer. It covers Rock, Jazz, Latin, Shuffle Beats, Double Bass, Rudiments, Odd Time, Funk, and Heavy Metal content.

Third, we have the Drummer Essentials eBook. As with the Drum Kit Lessons eBook, this bonus item is in printable PDF format. It covers Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Double Bass, Drum Fills, and some other important drum related topics.

Finally, Jared Falk is including his One Handed Drum Roll training DVD. This video covers the really cool one handed roll in Jared's popular "step-by-step" format that makes it really quite easy to learn. I had practiced this method for a while before getting the video, but it wasn't until I saw this DVD that it really clicked for me. Kudos to Jared for making it really easy. It's by far my favorite bonus.

Rock Drumming System - Opinions/Review

After having reviewed all the materials in the Rock Drumming System (including the bonus content) - I would have to say that this is a really great value. The unique multi-angle training system really does change the way you learn new beats and fills. Normally I don't like such a systematic approach to something "creative and musical", but Jared makes it work very well.

Normally I might take a week to master a page of 15 complex beats, but with the Rock Drumming System had me moving through up to a page a day. It may be the excitement of getting a new training tool that has boosted my progress, but I feel I really have to give a good deal of credit to Jared's teaching style as well.

The bonus content was a welcome addition. As I mentioned earlier in the review, the Free Drum Lessons pack is a great value. The content can overlap a little, but most is fresh and at very least - gives an additional perspective on essential training. The eBooks were great, but I would like to see these fully-printed in the future (as opposed to in PDF format). Finally, the One Handed Drum Roll DVD was my favorite bonus. It truly is a great value to be included for free.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an all-in-one home study course that is designed to give you a systematic approach to learning the drums - the Rock Drumming System is for you. It's hands-down the best option I've seen anywhere (and I have bought a LOT of drum books and DVDs). You can visit the Rock Drumming System website for more information. Just be sure you make it in time for the bonus content, as it is really what pushes the value up from "good" to "great" in my mind.