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Learn To Play The Drums (Starter Guide)

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Are you intimidated with the thought of learning to play the drums? Does it seem impossible to play complex beats that require all your limbs to be doing different things at seemingly random times? Well, the good news is - it really IS NOT that difficult to learn the drums!

It's true! Anyone can learn to play the drums, and this website is here to help! You see, all the complex drum beats and fills you see your favorite drummer perform are really just variations of simple patterns. So, with progressive learning steps, you too can be flying around the drum set in no time!

First Things First

To get started, read through the beginner drum lessons on reading sheet music and understanding time. They will give you the basic foundational knowledge needed to progress through all the drum lesson material on this website.

You will then want to move on to the how to play drums lesson to learn your very first drum beat. This groove may seem plain at first, but as you progress through the many variations in follow-up lessons, you will see why it is so very important.

Just don't try to get ahead of yourself. That can hurt your drumming a great deal, and ultimately slow your success. Far too many beginners try to push through beats that they aren't ready to play - only to face frustration that is ultimately un-necessary.

What To Do Next

Once you have learned to play the beginner drum beats - you can check out some of the intermediate and advanced content listed on the Drum Lessons homepage.

Other Resources

Have you already checked out all the drum lessons available on this website? You can get additional information on the Learn To Play Drums website. It has interesting articles, and information that can help you learn to play drums more efficiently.

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