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Rock Drumming Beats Three (w/ eighth notes)

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Here is the final set of rock drumming beats in the beginner section. If you haven't already finished all the previous beats, go back to the drum lessons homepage and work through them first.

Rock Beat #11

This beat is very similar to the first beginner drum beat. The only difference is how it relates to the measure, and thus, how it relates to a band or playalong. Instead of playing bass/snare/bass/snare on the quarter notes - you are now repeating this over eighth notes.

What's the difference? Well, essentially this beat would be twice as fast in relation to the band or playalong. You will also be counting it different (one measure of eighth notes instead of two measures of quarter notes).

rock beat 11

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The point is NOT to play this twice as fast as the original beat, but instead to get used to counting this as it relates to the music. If you aren't sure what that means right now, don't worry about it. Continue through these lessons, and eventually it will all make sense.

Rock Beat #12

Now lets reverse that pattern, and play it leading with the snare drum shots. This beat, like the previous, is popular in punk rock and other faster paced music.

rock beat 12

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Rock Beat #13

It's now time for another challenge. This beat appears to be pretty straight forward, but the difficulty lies in how you play it. Don't move past this beat until you can play it with some groove. It should "feel right", and not be too rigid.

rock beat 13

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Rock Beat #14

Here is another interesting beat. Some of the grooves we are getting into may seem less musical, but it is still very important that you work through each one carefully. They are part of the entire "progression" of learning to play drums, and will enable you to play more complex musical patterns in the future.

rock beat 14

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Rock Beat #15

This beat has a half-time feel, as the snare drum shot is on the three count. Once you are able to play this beat on it's own - combine it with one of the beats from the previous rock beats page to create a two-bar phrase. Then pay attention to how the snare drum placement changes things.

rock beat 15

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Rock Beat #16

Here is another groove that starts out with a snare drum shot. Hopefully by now it is feeling a little more natural to start off with the snare drum. Most beginners have trouble with this at first, but it's something you eventually have to get used to.

rock beat 16

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Rock Beat #17

Number seventeen is a pretty busy groove that includes four snare drum shots. Again, this one is pretty straight forward, but it's important to focus on making it groove.

rock beat 17

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Rock Beat #18

Believe it or not, this beat is actually extremely musical. At first it seems a little awkward, but once you make it groove - you will see how it could fit into a verse or bridge in a band track.

rock beat 18

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Rock Beat #19

This beat returns to a more of a normal feel. It can be used in a musical context, or just as a building block to more complex beats still to come. Remember to count out loud as you play. It's important that you don't stop doing that with these beats.

rock beat 19

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Rock Beat #20

Here is the final rock drumming beat in the beginner drum lessons. It is definately more complex than any of the beats you've played up till now, so take your time with it. Be sure you don't move on until it is sounding right.

rock beat 20

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This is the point in time when many beginners feel ready to take on the world. However, this can often lead to the desire to skip over some foundational material. It is important to remind yourself at how you got where you are now. Don't jump past any of the next sections, or move on past this until you feel you are ready.

Have you completed these drum lessons, but still want to learn more? Check out these online video drum lessons at DrumLessons.com. Take what you learn from these lessons to your kit, and have fun!

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