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Snare Drum Independence Two (sixteenth notes)

This drum lesson is a follow up to the original snare drum independence page. It includes new drum beat variations based on what you've learned in the first lesson. Now, although these beats can be challenging, they will be much easier if you have mastered the first snare drum beats already.

Snare Drum Beat #4

The first half of this beat is identical to what you've played in the 3rd beat, but the last half really changes the feel. Once you can play this variation - combine it with beat #3 for a two bar phrase to practice them together.

snare drum 4

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Snare Drum Beat #5

This beat is similar to one of the bass drum independence beats you've likely already playing (if you are working through the lessons in order). The only difference is that the snare drum and bass drum shots have been reversed.

snare drum 5

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Snare Drum Beat #6

As with the previous beat, this too is a reversed version of a pattern covered in the bass drum independence lesson. If you want to really challenge yourself - try combining this with one of the bass-drum beats to form a two-bar phrase.

snare drum 6

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Snare Drum Beat #7

This variation is an inverted version of the #6. That said, it should be fairly easy based on what you've already worked through. Focus on keeping steady time, as you may have a tendency to "swing" some of these groups of three sixteenth notes.

snare drum 7

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Snare Drum Beat #8

This beat is very straight forward, but will still challenge the speed and control of your snare drum hand. Now that we are back to all-sixteenth notes - it should be easier to focus on playing in perfect time.

snare drum 8

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Snare Drum Beat #9

This last beat includes steady shots on the snare drum. This is easy to play at slow tempos, but challenge yourself to keep perfect time while pushing to faster speeds. Then, when you are ready to play it a little faster, combine it with some of the other beats to form two-bar phrases.

snare drum 9

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Once you have completed the entire snare drum independence mini-series - you can move on to more advanced drum lessons. However, if you skipped the bass drum independence to work on this first - it is recommended that you move to that section next.

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